August 16, 2019

How Do Townhome Managers Handle Roof Repairs

One of the most common questions many people still have is how are roof repairs or replacements handled in the case of townhomes that share a common roof?

townhouse commercial roofing contractors in MinneapolisThe question is actually “Who is responsible for roof repairs?”
In some governing documents, it is the Association, while in others there are the owners. If these operations are the Association`s responsibility, the board have to deal with fixing the roof and cover the cost by passing a special assessment, or by using their rainy-day fund.
The board also has the duty to maintain and increase the value of the unit. The board can schedule townhome commercial roofing contractors in Minneapolis to inspect the property and assess maintenance and repair needs.
On the other hand, if owners are responsible for roof repairs, there may be conflicts more often. There will always be those who want to repair the roof and those who do not want it. In this case, those who are involved must check local regulations and see who is right and who is wrong.
The roof is the roof of the entire building, therefore it is the responsibility of all owners to get involved in its repair/ replacement process. Besides, if the townhome managers decide that the roof has to be replaced, everybody must do it at the same time, otherwise the repairs will not be efficient.

Written By RCM