October 2, 2014

How to File an Insurance Claim for a New Roof
MN Storm Damage Restoration

So the worst of the worst happened. A Minnesota hail storm blew through your area and left a ton of storm damage to your home. Your roof is dented, your gutters are bent up, and your windows are bruised.

The good news is your family and most of your possessions survived the blast. The bad news is you now have a headache: Filing an insurance claim. But filing an insurance claim doesn’t have to be a headache if you follow the right steps.

Here are some basic steps on how to file an insurance claim for a Minnesota home:

Storm Damage Home MN


1. Assess the Damage

The sheer shock of a horrible storm has probably been enough to shake you up. Before you panic and call the insurance company, first assess the damage. Is it minor or major? Take a few pictures of the damage as necessary as it is likely an insurance company will want to review them or hang on to them for your file.

*Should immediate repairs be considered? If so, it’s always a good idea to review your insurance policy to make sure having immediate safety repairs are permitted before putting in a claim. (Typically emergency repairs are covered by your insurance. Best way is to find a professional contractor that specializes in restoration repairs for details)

*Keep all paperwork. Always ensure that all receipts, work for hire documentation, contracts, and so on are filed away safely. Your insurance company may request them at any time during the claims process to ensure you have done your job as a homeowner in protecting your home and roof.

Minnesota LIcensed Contractor


2. Call a Professional Contractor

Have a licensed Minneapolis contractor that has been through the process help guide you with the process at hand. They’ll be able to represent you as a homeowner and take care of all the issues dealing with the insurance company. (Find a trusted roofing contractor; they can help ensure your insurance company covers all the repairs necessary for your home to be back in working shape.)

Minneapolis Storm Damage


3. File a Claim

Once you have assessed the damage, it’s time to call the insurance company and speak to an agent. Fill out any documentation they have you complete in a timely manner, and don’t forget to return the completed paperwork along with the photos you took.

Because each state and insurance company is different, be sure to discuss all details and ask any important questions while filing your claim with an agent. Take notes, if needed. This will ensure you don’t miss any pertinent steps in the claims process. Any delays could pose a threat to receiving a check for your new roof in a timely fashion.

MN Storm Damage Repairs


4. Keep it Safe

Once you have the okay from the insurance company to proceed with the repair process, it’s time for your trusted contractor to start the repairs on your home. They’ll walk you through the starting process and should assist you throughout the entire project.

After the work is performed and your new roof has been installed, be sure to secure your home and property before moving your family back in. Be sure to also wait for the “all clear” announcement from your roofing specialist that the new roof is finished and safe.

Minneapolis Hail Damage Restoration


Insurance Tips

Regardless of the season or severity, storms can pose a huge threat to homes. This is why it is important to properly secure your home before any storm, especially from hail damage MN regardless of how minor it may seem.

It’s also a good idea to always understand the policies and claims process behind your homeowner’s insurance to ensure a quick and smooth process, and to avoid the headache.

*Most insurance companies allow for a 1-2 year period to file a claim.

*If area is considered to be in a catastrophic storm according to insurance company all homes in area will eventually see a hike in insurance rate. Make sure to get your roof paid for with the rest of the neighborhood.

Written By Thor Josefson