July 8, 2014

Identifying Storm Damage MN | Hail Damage
Storm Damage MN


Storm Damage MN | Summer Storm Season 2014

While the days of snow and sleet are hopefully behind us for the time of year, ice, in all its forms, can still be a threat during severe downpours and thunderstorms. This is what we already know as hail. Hail can be just as threatening and damaging as snow and sleet storms. So if you have recently encountered a severe hail storm, or want to prepare for the upcoming thunderstorm season, here are some tips on how to inspect your home for storm damage in MN.

Are you in an area that sees a lot of hailstorms?

The first thing you can do is check our Minnesota Hail Maps to see if you are in an area that has experienced severe hail in recent years. This will give any homeowner the advantage of determining if a hail storm has been the area and potentially caused damage to your home.

Did you find any signs of storm damage?

Here are a few places to look for potential storm damage to your home:

1.) Inspect the ground level of your home. You’ll want to walk around your property inspecting all metal objects that may have dents or dings on them. Inspect the following objects:  A/C unit, windows, siding (metal?), and gutter/fascia from the ground.

2.) Inspect your gutters for large amounts of asphalt granules. This is only if you’re comfortable getting on a step ladder (Not recommended for homeowners). Granules are what protect your roof from the elements. If your roof is missing lots of the granules its life will be decreased and therefore should be replaced by your insurance.

Minneapolis Hail Damage Restoration

Does my insurance cover the damage?

If you have any thought that your home has been damaged be sure to contact Stinson Services, Inc. for a FREE HOME INSPECTION. We’ll examine your entire property and inform you on what we find.

These inspections can lead to a new roof that is covered by your insurance company, and sometimes even more. We’ve had cases where a home is covered for windows, siding, and a new roof for the price of their insurance deductible.



Written By Thor Josefson