March 14, 2020

Important Questions You Have to Ask Your Local Roofer About Your Shingles

Setting up a shingle roof can be a great idea, as the configuration and durability of most types of shingles will provide you with long term protection from the elements. However, not all shingles are made equal, and you’ll want to get a lot of advice from your local roofers at– regarding maintenance, cleaning and when you should consider calling them in for a repair or replacement.

One of the most important things to ask your roofer about your shingles is when and how you can clean them and what maintenance tasks you need to observe. Some shingle-based systems are trickier than others, requiring greater care and needing you to check for leaks and cracks more closely.

Both the exterior and the internal structure of shingle roofs can differ. Slate and asphalt shingles are typically set up on different types of underlayment, and in some cases, the damage of the internal structure can be harder to spot.

Make sure you ask your Stinson roofer what you have to look for and how you can determine whether there is an actual problem with the internal system, so you can know whether or not calling an expert is necessary. In most instances, your friendly local Stinson roofing experts will be more than happy to provide you with the right information and give you a helping hand.

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