June 13, 2024

June 12th, 2024 Hail Storm – St Francis, Oak Grove, East Bethel, & Zimmerman, MN

June 12th, 2024 Hail Storm Hits St Francis, MN and Surrounding Area

On June 12th, 2024, a hailstorm swept through St. Francis, Oak Grove, East Bethel, and Zimmerman, MN, unleashing hailstones as large as 1 inch in diameter. The aftermath of such a storm can be devastating for your home’s exterior. It is crucial to take immediate steps to assess and address any potential damage to safeguard your property.

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June 12th 2024 Hail Storm - St Francis, MN

How to Assess Hail Damage

In the wake of the storm, take a moment to inspect the following areas around your home:

• Downspouts and Gutters: Look for dents, cracks, or signs of clogging caused by hail accumulation.
• Windows and Screens: Check for broken glass, cracks, and holes in screens.
• Siding: Look for chips, cracks, or holes in your siding.
• Soft Metals: Inspect metal surfaces, such as roof vents, for dents and dings.
• Roofing Shingles: While it might be difficult to see from the ground, look for visible damage or missing shingles.

Why Professional Inspection is Essential

While an inspection from the ground can give you an idea of potential damage, a professional assessment is crucial. Hail damage can be subtle and often goes unnoticed until it leads to bigger problems like leaks. Professional roofing experts have the tools and experience to spot even the smallest signs of damage.

Stinson Services: Your Storm Damage Restoration Experts

At Stinson Services, we specialize in the storm damage restoration process, offering comprehensive property inspections to identify all damaged areas eligible for replacement. Here’s why you should trust us:

• Thorough Inspections: Our team conducts meticulous inspections to ensure no damage goes unnoticed.
• Documentation: We document all areas of damage to help you with insurance claims and ensure you get maximum coverage.
• Expertise: Our extensive experience in storm damage restoration ensures a seamless process, from inspection to repair.

Recognized as a preferred roofing contractor by insurance agents, we prioritize clear communication and swift action. We take charge of all interactions with insurance companies, turning potentially lengthy processes into seamless experiences. We go beyond the role of a traditional roofing contractor; we become your trusted ally in the world of insurance claims. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and support needed to navigate with confidence.

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Cities Impacted By The June 12th, 2024 Minnesota Hail Storm

Aitkin, Alexandria, Andover, Backus, Bemidji, Bena, Big Lake, Biwabik, Blomkest, Bovey, Breckenridge, Buhl, Buyck, Chisholm, Clarissa, Clarissa, Cohasset, Crane Lake, Crosslake, Cusson, Cuyuna, Deer River, Ely, Finlayson, Friesland, Glen, Grand Rapids, Hill City, Inguadona, Iron Junction, Isabella, Jenkins, Kelly Lake, Lake George, Lake Shore, Laporte, Leonidas, Marble, Mountain Iron, Nashwauk, Nelson, Nevis, Newport, Olivia, Sandstone, St. Francis, Swanburg, Taconite, Tower, Virginia, Walker, White Earth, Winton, Zimmerman

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