April 30, 2015

Lakeville MN 2014 Hail Storm | Hail Maps MN
Hail Maps MN 2014

Last Year’s Minnesota Hail Storms – 2014 Lakeville Hail Maps MN

Did your home get hit by a MN hail storm last year? The year 2014 brought heavy storms to the southern part of the Twin Cities. Lakeville, MN hail storms damaged many properties, leaving the homes vulnerable to residual effects the their properties.

How can you find out if you have hail damage?

Check out our Hail Maps MN guide for more information regarding the Lakeville, MN Hail Storm of 2014. If your property was hit by the hail storm you may have significant damage without knowing about it.

Lakeville Hail Damage Inspection


Have a storm damage inspection completed on your property. You can find a licensed and insured storm restoration contractor that will offer free advice on how to deal with potential storm damage to your home.
Find a local storm damage restoration contractor
We provide property owners with free advice on storm damage claims and are able to take care of your home repairs.

If you live in the Twin Cities metro area, have one of our friendly HAAG certified inspectors from Stinson Services out to your property to perform a free 13-point roof inspection. They’ll also inspect your siding, windows and gutters for hail damage.

Lakeville Hail Maps MN


Why should I get my property inspected?

Your insurance pays

If your property is damaged by a storm there is a good probability that your insurance company will be responsible for the damaged areas. This means that your roof, siding, windows and gutters could all be covered by your insurance company by paying your deductible.

Peace of mind

A property left alone after a storm may have hidden structural damage. This structural deterioration could be allowing:

  • Moisture in roofing deck and attic space.
  • Insect and rodent problems.
  • Rot and mold to roofing deck and sheeting.
    A property inspection shortly after a storm will reduce the chances of the property having any hidden damage that may be missed by the common eye.

    Home insurance rates

    Typically, home insurance companies aren’t allowed to increase insurance rates due to the Act of God, aka storm damage. However, they can raise the rates for everyone in your area. So if you decide you don’t want your property repaired you may be funding everyone else’s repairs, except your own.


    Written By Thor Josefson