May 27, 2014

How to Inspect Home for Hail Damage | Minnesota Hail Maps

MN Hail Damage Tips

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The Minneapolis – St.Paul area has already experienced a number of larger storms and homeowners should be aware of the damage that can occur during those storms.

Every year thousands of homes in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area are damaged due wind and/or hail storms, and are repaired with insurance claim money. We’d like to educate you some typical places you may spot hail or wind damage. If your home has any of these traits, we highly recommend calling us to help deal with your insurance claims process.

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Hail Damage Areas for Homeowners to Inspect:

Inspect your gutters for dents, cracks, and roofing granules that may have come loose during the storm.

Check your windows for chips, peeling, and dents. Metal frames are great for identifing hail damage.

Examine your outdoor appliances such as air conditioning units and air vents.

Look over patio furniture, decks, and grilling equipment for dents.

Hail Damage Inspections

The areas above a safe to examine and will give a homeowner a decent idea if their home has been damaged by the storm. If you see signs of damage ask your neighbors and friends in the area if they received any damage from the storm. They may have tips or advice on handling the claim process. If not, we recommend contacting a trustworthy exterior remodeler that can walk you through the insurance process and help you make an educated decision on your home. They’ll be able to inspect the rest of your home and advise you on future options.


Not sure if you were in a hail storm? Check our Minnesota Hail Maps page.


Hail Damage Areas for Professional to Inspect:

Examine shingles or metal roof for dents, bruises, and tearing.

Check for missing shingles.

Inspect roof vents for dings, dents, and cracking.

Look over flashing around chimney and other areas of the roof.


Below is a sample of a professional storm damage inspection:


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Written By Thor Josefson