January 16, 2014

Attic Insulation Installation – Minneapolis Freeze
Ice Dam Prevention

The cold continues to blow into Minnesota as temperatures continue to drop. Minnesota homes are at the mercy of mother nature when it comes to energy conservation and this winter is driving up energy bills. Due to our weather situation we’re taking some of time to educate Minnesota homeowners on the importance of proper Minneapolis insulation contractor in their homes.

How Attic Insulation Prevents Heat Transfer


There are three types of heat transfer: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation.

The two types we’ll focus on for attic insulation is convection & conduction. (Convection is the transfer of heat through liquids or gases.) In this case our heat is being transferred through the air. During winter months we tend to lose most of our heat energy to warm air rising/escaping through improper insulation attics. Attic insulation and proper sealing keeps warm air from escaping your living room at a undesired rate leaving you with a comfortable climate to live in.

How Much Insulation Is Recommended?


MN home inspectors typically recommend a R-Value of 50 for new attic insulation installations projects.  The larger the R-value the more resistance to heat transfer. This also plays a role in heat loss through conduction, which is the loss of heat through solids. We see this type of heat loss with under insulated ceilings/walls and cheaper windows. The outside air chills the exterior wall, which in turn chills the interior wall, causing heat energy to be compromised to warm up that wall. With a higher R-value of insulation a home will lose less heat to conduction. In turn, leaving the homeowner with a small bill.

Attic Insulation Save You Money


With a properly sealed and insulated home a person can expect to save money on a monthly basis. Enough to payback the project within 3-5 years if installed properly. Minnesota winters can be harsh. Don’t wait until the last minute to upgrade your insulation. Attic insulation not only keeps the cold air out during the winter but keeps the hot air out during summer time.

Keep your home comfortable with an attic insulation installation upgrade. Stinson Services provides free estimates to homeowners in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. We’ll give our expert advice and help you save money over the long run.


Written By Thor Josefson