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  • Minnesota Hail Map 2018

    Find Your Property On Our Minnesota Hail Map 2018!

    Minnesota hail map 2018  report data is obtained from the NOAA’s National Weather Service. Our goal is to provide accurate data for property owners that are wondering if their property may have been affected by recent storms. The data provides a detailed perspective on hail reports throughout Minnesota. Our hail maps are updated frequently to provide current storm damage information. If your property has been affected by a recent storm and is not reflected on the map, please inform us by sending an e-mail to info@stinsonservices.com.

    Depending on your insurance policy, you have 1-2 years to file a claim for your property. If your property is located in close proximity to one of these storms, you should have your property inspected for storm damage. Do not wait until it is too late!

    Minnesota Hail Map 2018

    Minnesota Hail Quick Tips

    1. Insurance Policy – Locate your homeowner’s or commercial insurance policy.

    2. Take Photos – After the storm, grab your digital camera and walk around the property and take photos of the hail stones covering the yard, sidewalk and patios.

    3. Measurements – Set a tape measure or common item such as a quarter by the hailstone and take a picture.

    4. Soft Damage – Look for obvious signs of roof damage such as missing or torn shingles, dings on the air conditioning units, external light fixtures, window trim, screens and soft metal downspouts. On air conditioner units hail stones can dent and bend the cooling fins blocking the airflow.

    When severe weather has caused damage to your home, call Stinson Services, 952-933-4510. We have helped thousands of homeowners through the storm repair process. We make the entire insurance claims process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.


    A summary of Minnesota cities affected by recent hail and wind storms is listed below.

    April 13, 2018 – LINCOLN

    April 13, 2018 – NOBLES


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    Hail can cause lots of damage to a property. Stinson Services is a professional hail and storm damage restoration company located in Edina, MN. You'll get a free home inspection and unbelievable service by all of our team members to help you with the insurance claim process. Visit our Free Hail Map to find out if your MN property was hit.