Minnesota Hail Damage Map 2024



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Protect Your Property With A Free Storm Damage Inspection

You may have 1-2 years to file a claim under your insurance policy if your property is located near a storm area. It’s crucial to have a roofing contractor inspect for potential storm damage—this is a wise and necessary step to ensure the safety and integrity of your property. Such proactive inspections help you detect and address damage early on, preventing further deterioration and expensive repairs down the line. If you’re dealing with storm damage for the first time, consider consulting our Storm Damage Restoration Guide. This guide can help you understand the claims process better, streamlining your journey towards a successful roof replacement.

Discover Your Property on Our 2024 Minnesota Hail Damage Map

We provide free property inspections to help you assess the impact of severe weather on your home or business in Minnesota. Use our detailed hail map to locate your property and understand the extent of any potential hail damage. Hail map report data is obtained from the NOAA’s National Weather Service. Our goal is to provide accurate data for property owners that are wondering if their property may have been affected by recent storms. The data provides a detailed perspective on hail reports throughout Minnesota. Our hail maps are updated frequently to provide current storm damage information.

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Cities Impacted By Recent Minnesota Hail Storms

May 20, 2024 – Brewster, Hayfield, Rock Dell, Sherburn, Welcome, Zumbrota