August 4, 2016

Quick Tips on Handling a Hail Damaged Roof Claim
Storm Damage Chasers

Your neighborhood was hit by a hail storm last night but you have no idea what to do. You’re curious why so many people are on the streets walking around. You’re asking yourself questions such as:

Why are there people knocking on my door? Who are they and why do they keep mentioning a “Free Roof”?

What you are seeing here is a hail damage “festival” taking place inside your community.  A bunch of professional contractors and storm-chasers have entered the blood invested waters like sharks looking to make a profit off your hail damaged roof.  So what should you do? (Watch below to spark your creative side.)



Why is your hail damaged roof a positive thing?

First, if this is taking place in your neighborhood there is a strong chance that your roofing system could be damaged enough by the hail storm to have an insurance claim on your hands. That’s a good thing for most people, because you’ll only pay the insurance deductible to replace the entire roof on your property!

Now let’s take a step back for one moment. Before you get too excited and sign paperwork with the wrong roofing contractor, you’ll want to go through the CHECK LIST BELOW to ensure you are comfortable with the roofing contractor you found.


Minneapolis Hail Damaged Roof


5 questions to find your perfect match

Are they licensed and insured in your state?

Do they have reviews online and are they positive?

Have you heard any friends or family mention their name before?

Are they a certified roof inspector?

Do they provide a workmanship warranty?


hail damaged roof


Don’t rush and complete your research

Take a little time to find a contractor you enjoy working with and can trust to do the best possible job on your property.  A hail damage claim can result in a wide range of experiences from Nightmare to Amazing. It is 100% worth the research time when finding Your Roofing Contractor for Your Project!

Remember, this is a company that you’ll be counting on to install a long-lasting roofing system. You’ll want to know that they will stand behind their product and installation and be there to fix any issues that may arise in the future.  Finding a roofing contractor and creating a long lasting relationship is like finding an auto mechanic you can trust. You’ll want to hang on to them for as long as you can.

For more information regarding hail damage roof repair or wind damage claims feel free to reach out to Stinson Services via email or by calling our office. We offer free certified inspections on residential and commercial buildings in the Twin Cities area.

Written By Thor Josefson