July 15, 2010

Replacing Your Windows & Doors

Minneapolis Replacement Windows

Minnesota Replacement Windows & Doors

The elements – rain, snow, heat, cold – are enemies to the exterior of your home. But your siding and roof aren’t things you use every day. Your windows and doors, however, are subject to the same weather and constant use. Eventually, in the case of an accident or wear, they’ll need replacement. You’ve probably lived in a home with a window that won’t shut or open, or a door that doesn’t seal or latch. The process of replacing windows and doors doesn’t have to be complicated or overly expensive.

Exterior storm doors are an important barrier for many reasons – they provide security for your home, as well as keep weather where it belongs. An energy-inefficient door can add hundreds to your heating and cooling costs every year! If you live in an older home with uninsulated or bedraggled doors, replacement might pay for itself within just a few seasons. A contractor can help you select a door that matches your decor, and should provide you with fast, same-day installation. No contractor should be leaving holes in your home!  Be sure to discuss acceptable parts of your home for workers to be in. Prepare your door(s) ahead of time by removing all coverings and treatments. Keep the area workers will be in free of kids, pets, and, well, you. This will speed up work and keep everyone happy and healthy. Be sure to shop around for doors before you decide – you could save a lot of money by comparing prices at different stores and suppliers.

Like doors, windows are a vital portal to the outdoors. There are more windows in your home than doors, and they’re just as important for keeping the outside out and your temperature where you want it. Shop for energy-efficient windows whenever possible. Spending a little extra money will save you big in the long run. There are many reasons to replace or repair windows, from mold and condensation to drafting and cracks. Older windows are usually made of wood, which inevitably degrades over time. Many older homes in Minneapolis are in desperate need of window replacement or retrofitting.

Windows are one of the most important methods of adjusting the atmosphere and grandeur of your home. A large, dramatic window becomes a conversation piece; a small window in an existing bathroom adds natural light and improves mood. Even light bulbs now try to emulate sunlight – having as much as possible in your home is a wise decision.

Window replacement and install need not be intimidating. While there are far more choices than doors, your budget and stylistic choices will quickly narrow the field. You’ll likely replace many windows at once, to ensure consistent style. Vinyl windows can be retrofitted easily into existing portals in your home. For a more custom look and feel, wooden windows are also available. Most new homes have vinyl windows.

Both windows and doors are now subject to tax credits! Visit https://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=tax_credits.tx_index to find out more.

Remember, your windows and doors are vital parts of your home for security, aesthetic, and energy-efficiency reasons. If you’ve had the same windows or doors for 15-20 years, it’s time to evaluate replacement.

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