September 12, 2013

Roof Inspections: Minnesota Hail Damage – Part 1

The purpose of this mini-blog series is to educate Minnesota homeowners on how to determine if their home has been damaged by a hail storm. This information is beneficial for those looking for home protection and information on dealing with their home insurance companies.

How to date your hail storm – Stinson Services, Inc

Roof Inspections: Minnesota Hail Damage
Minnesota Hail Damage Maps – Find a hail map for your area!

It’s tough to remember the exact dates of hail storms, but a hail map can help solve this problem. If you’re located in Minnesota we can help you find hail storms dating back to 2006. Use our MN Hail Damage Map to search your location for a previous hail storms.

Most insurance companies located in Minnesota will allow up to two years to file a claim on your home. Be sure to check our hail map for information regarding any storms in your area.

Why does it matter when a storm hit my house?

It’s pretty simple. Home insurance companies are looking for details and facts to prove that your home was damaged within their timeline (Often 2 years) to place a claim. A hail map will give you a recent date as to when the storm came through your area, making it easier for you place a claim that will be accepted. To find out if your home was in a recent storm, be sure to use Stinson Services, Inc. Hail Damage Map dating back to 2006! Here is our most recent map. MN Hail Damage Map 2013

My home doesn’t seem to be marked near a hail spotting, can I still make a claim?

Yes, the fact is not all hail storms will be spotted by a trained eye that leads to a mark on the map. This means your home may be left off of the hail damage map. But please don’t worry. If you feel confident that your home was hit by a storm, be sure to contact a certified inspector to examine your property. Most contractors offer Free Inspections so it’s never a bad idea to get it checked out!

If your home was recently hit by a hail storm you’ll want to contact a local certified hail damage inspector to examine your property. Stinson Services, Inc is a licensed and insured storm damage repair contractor that has been in the business over 10 years!

Written By Thor Josefson