August 21, 2014

Free Gutter Cleaning with Purchase of Gutter Protection

Free Gutter Clean Promo August 2014


Sick of cleaning your gutters?

Stinson Services is offering a FREE GUTTER CLEANING with the purchase of any of our gutter guards or gutter protection systems!


Step-by-Step Process

4 Easy Steps:

1. Sign up for your gutter guard estimate to find out what products are available for your home.

2. Measurements will be taken during your scheduled gutter appointment.

3. Accepted proposals are scheduled and installed within weeks.

4. Gutters are cleaned before installing your Gutter Protection System.

We offer the following gutter protection systems:

1. E-Z Lock Small Hole Gutter Screen – Wire mesh

2. Leaf Relief Gutter Screen – Heavy duty screen

3. LeaFree Gutter Cover – Hard-top cover

What gutter guard system is best for my home?

Cost – What are you willing to spend? Gutter guards can cost $2-$14 a linear foot. Find out your budget before researching.

Source – Are you surrounded by large trees with pine needles or leaves? Does your home’s roof pick up flying debris from your neighbors. Determine the source.

Convenience – Do you hate cleaning your gutters? Is it worth spending the money upfront to lower your stress level. Or are you willing to clean your gutters 3-4 times a week?

If you’re uncertain ask a professional gutter installer what their opinion is on gutter protection. They’ll have a better idea on what your home could use to combat the debris.

Written By Thor Josefson