May 31, 2019

Spring Roof and Gutter Cleaning Tips

Spring is the time for the big cleaning inside and outside the house as well. When it comes to removing the marks of winter from your outdoor space, make sure to start with the roof and the gutters – the process will create a lot of debris and you don’t want dried leaves, twigs, nests and dust to ruin your fresh flower beds. Here are the most important things to do on your roof and your gutters when the good weather settles in:

  • Remove large, visible debris from the surface of the roof with the help of a broom on a very long stick;
  • Wash the roof – the best way is to use your garden hose (avoid pressure washers, their jet is too strong and might damage the surface of your roof);
  • Climb on a ladder to the gutter and scrape out any accumulated debris. Do this after you have cleaned the roof – the roof cleaning process will send lots of debris into the gutters and you surely don’t want to work on the gutters twice. Pay attention to the downspouts, too – any clogging in those pipes will compromise the efficiency of your gutters and can lead to water damage in your walls and foundation.

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Written By Tech