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  • St. Cloud Area Hail Storm – May 1, 2012

    May Day welcomed spring into Minnesota large hail, thunderstorms and a significant amount of rain. Minnesota had several severe weather warnings in effect throughout the day as well as a tornado warnings around the Twin Cities metro area and St. Cloud vicinity. Schedule a FREE Hail Inspection Today!! Hail damage was evident in many areas as a result of this powerful storm system, St. Cloud and Albany MN had the largest reported hail which caused damage to windshields and many properties throughout the area. Hail up to 1-3/4″ diameter was reported and a tornado was spotted around Greenwald Minnesota by trained tornado spotters. Wind was also a major component of this May Day storm producing 60 mile per hour winds in some areas of Minnesota. Discover if you have Hail Damage to your Minnesota Property Today.

    Hail Damage St. Cloud MN - May 1, 2012

    This powerful storm system is expected to continue to affect Minnesota, MN today and tomorrow. Continue to monitor all severe weather in your Minnesota community and make sure to take necessary precautions when bad weather is heading your way.

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