July 1, 2014

13-Point Storm Damage MN Inspection | Roof & Siding

Storm Damage Repairs MN

Storm Damage MN Inspections | Hail Damage Repairs MN


Sign up for a free 13-point storm damage inspection with Stinson Services, Inc. We are HAAG certified storm damage MN inspectors that can help you with your insurance process. Our inspectors examine your property for signs of damage that may be related to a storm. The damage can date back two years for most home insurance policies.


Homeowners should look for collateral damage around the house:

– Inspect all metal objects for dings and dents. (A/C unit, metal doors & windows, vents, and flashing.)

– Examine your gutters for a large amount of granules from your asphalt roof.

– Scan your bushes and trees for broken limbs.


These are signs that a large storm may have come through recently and caused damage to your home. Storm damage to your home is covered by your insurance company and you can file a claim to replace that damage (most homeowner’s policies -FAQ).

Typical replacements are your roof, siding, windows and gutters. Make sure to repair these external protectors. Even the slightest amount of damage can take life off your exterior components leaving your home at risk for future damage to your foundation.


Who should you trust with your storm damage repairs?


Stinson Services, Inc. has been in business since 2003 and helps hundreds of homeowners each summer to improve their homes. Give us a call or sign up online for a FREE 13-point Storm Damage MN Inspection.



1.) YOU call Stinson Services Inc. for a free 13-point storm damage inspection. We inspect your home for you.

2.) WE find damage and advise you to contact your insurance company to have an adjustor out to your property. (We’ll meet with the adjustor and walk them through the damage we found.)

3.) WE draw up an estimate using insurance software to ensure you receive the correct payment due on your claim. (Many contractors miss important items such as fascia, gutters, & windows)

4.) WE repair your home using your insurance claim payment. You’re only responsible for your home insurance deductible and any upgrades you decide to add to your home.

(This is how a typical home insurance restoration project unfolds. However, insurance companies differ and each house has its own story)





Written By Thor Josefson