June 30, 2017

Ryan Stinson will be featured on WCCO


Ryan Stinson will be featured on WCCO

Ryan Stinson will be featured on WCCO at 6 pm tonight, 6/30/2017.


Watch WCCO tonight 6/30/2017 at 6 pm,or catch the segment online, as Ryan Stinson talks about the havoc Woodpecker’s cause to houses and what to do about it.


Did you know…


-Woodpeckers cause the most damage from February through June.

-Woodpeckers prefer cedar and redwood siding. However, houses with aluminum or vinyl siding may sustain damage from woodpeckers drumming on the wood fascia boards with very small holes in clusters at specific points.

-The constant pecking by a woodpecker can penetrate plumbing and air duct lines, causing structural damage to a home.

-Woodpeckers drill holes in surfaces that would make a good nestt. Further complicating matters, the hole is a gateway to infestation by squirrels, bats or raccoons and water intrusion, rot and mold.

-Woodpeckers can be particularly destructive to summer or vacation homes that are vacant and go unnoticed for part of the year.


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About Stinson Services

Stinson Services, Inc. is a professional exterior remodeler that has been in business since 2003. Our craftsmanship, quality materials and warranty packages make us the best in the industry. Our team specializes in “Projects Built to Last” and the ingredients that make up a healthy home. We also offer contracting for commercial, and multi-family housing customers. These services include roofing, siding, gutters, insulation and ventilation.


Our company offers a free consultation on all exterior remodeling projects. We’ll answer any questions over the phone or in person regarding your project. You’ll be impressed with our vast knowledge and professional customer service for each of our services.


What can you expect from Stinson Services as a property owner?

– You’ll be provided EnergyStar products and installation methods to reduce energy consumption and to keep bills low!

– You’ll be provided information on the latest energy rebates and tax credits for all exterior remodeling projects in the state of Minnesota.

– You’ll receive a 20-year workmanship warranties on all of our service projects and a “No Leak Guarantee” on all gutter projects.

– You’ll always receive free consultations & storm damage inspections for residential, multi-family  and commercial properties.

– You’ll be provided with free hail reports & storm damage maps for properties located in Minnesota. .

– You’ll receive projects with quantifiable results -> projects that pay you back!

– You’ll experience a collaborative approach to provide the best solution for your project.


Our storm damage inspectors are certified and trained by HAAG Engineering to spot storm damage on all types of roofing, siding and gutter material.  You’ll receive a full report documenting the status of your property. If emergency repairs are necessary, our professional maintenance team will be available to repair in a timely manner to mitigate any further damage.


A HAAG Certified Inspector is trained to understand exactly what the insurance adjuster is looking for and be able to complete a full walk-through, pointing out any damaged areas that will require replacement covered by the insurance company. You’ll also receive a personal advocate on handling the insurance claim to make sure your property is being treated in a fair manner and being repaired to manufacturer’s and Minnesota’s building codes. You’ll know from the first phone call that your project is in good hands with Stinson Services.

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