September 13, 2012

Weather proof your windows & doors – Seal and Insulate

Sealing Your Home Before The Weather Hits

Minnesota is the land of many seasons, leaving  your home vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity. To help control the environment in your home, it is important to start with the biggest leaks first which tend to be in the attic. Making sure these areas are properly insulated and leak free is critical to keeping your home’s environment comfortable. Once the larger problems are taken care of you can move to sealing your windows and doors.

Below is a video that describes window and door sealing methods and how to spot a leak in your home.


So how do you know if your window is leaking?

– Rainy day you may see signs of moisture on the edge of your window frame.

– Bigger leaks may shine light through crack.

– Windy day will cause curtains to move around.

– Smoke from a lit incense stick will move away from the drafts.

– Wet a couple fingers to feel the draft coming through window edge.


How do you seal your windows from the outside air?

– A permanent fix can be achieved by caulking around the entire window frame.

– Using removable rope caulk to seal your window frame edges is great for the winter time.

– Shrink-to-fit plastic sheeting kits are the best option for harsh winters.

Using these window sealing methods can save you around $20 per year on your heating bills. Also, make sure to keep your windows locked tight!


How do you know if your door is sealed tight?

– Shine a flash light underneath and around door edges to see if light shines through.


How do you seal your exterior doors?

– Best way to seal your door is by making sure all the weather striping on the door is in working order. If not, make sure to replace the weather striping to ensure the air from outside stays out.


Extra Weather Proofing Tips:

– Check all of your outlets for drafts and leaking air. If air is coming through your outlets you can install a foam gaskets that goes around the outlet to help keep the extra outside air out of your home.


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Written By Thor Josefson