January 23, 2019

Hailstorm hits East Bethel MN

East Bethel are hit by hail
A small but severe hailstorm came through the East Bethel area on the afternoon of Sunday, August 26th. The storm brought rain, heavy winds and ping pong sized hail. A storm of this size can cause damage to your home and property.

Signs you may have hail damage?
1 – Look for hail damage. Check to see if there are dents or dings in the following:
– the gutters
– A/C unit
– window cladding
– screen doors

2 – If you notice signs of hail damage from the ground, it is best to contact a trusted storm damage contractor. A professional storm damage inspector will not only be able to help determine if you have damage to you home but advise you on the insurance claims process & advocate for your replacement roofing system.

Your homeowners insurance policy protects against storm and hail damage because they are considered an “Act of God.” This means your insurance provider should cover the costs of replacements and repairs due to any hail or storm damage. The only cost to you should be the deductible.

If your looking for a HAAG certified inspector , Stinson Services offers a free storm damage consultation . We would be happy to help answer any of your questions regarding your insurance claim, ensuring your entire property is inspected correctly for hail and storm damage.

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