December 21, 2019

What Is Typically Included in a Roofing Quote and Why Do You Even Need One?

Stinson Minneapolis roofing contractors

A written roofing quote or estimate typically covers a lot of essential information that you, as the homeowner, have to know prior to hiring a roofing contractor for any type of repair or roof replacement work. Basically, you have to make sure that you won’t end up with a project that lasts much longer than the roofer had promised, that they’ll use different – possibly more costly – materials than it was agreed upon, or that they won’t try to swindle you and ask for more money at the end of the project.

You’ll usually hear Stinson Minneapolis experts recommending that you get a written estimate and a detailed quote that outlines all the activities the roofer will perform. This means that, through the quote you receive, you will basically have a written promise from your roofer outlining the precise type and amount of materials used, the methods and tasks that will be performed, as well as the overall cost of the entire project – including labor and insurance – so you will know everything from the start.

The greatest benefit of a written quote is that you won’t have to worry that your roofer will try to get away with charging you more. As a result, you can make an informed decision from the very start as to which roofing company you end up hiring.

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