July 7, 2016

Heavy Wind Damage Homes | St. Michael MN | July 5 2016

July 5 2016 | Wind Damage Homes St. Michael MN

Properties in St. Michael MN experienced winds up to 80 mph on July 5 that brought down power lines and larger trees in the area. Check out our Minnesota Hail Map 2016 for more information regarding the storm. A quick peek at how bad the storm really was below:


Wind Damage Claims | St Michael MN

Winds of this velocity can cause major damage to your property, whether that is your vehicle, motorhome, or house. There were at least two major roofing claims that occurred in St Michael MN on the evening of July 5 2016. A complete metal roof blown off of a barn and asphalt roofing system torn off a residential home. Pictures are below showing the major damage wind can cause to your property.


What to do if your property was damaged?

Stinson Services is a local and trusted contractor that specializes in wind and hail damage claims. Our goal is to work with you and your insurance company to get a full claim on your damaged property. Here are some steps we’d recommend taking if you think your property was damaged by wind or hail.

Take Photos – Grab a camera or your smart phone to document any damaged that may have resulted from the wind or hail storm.
Call an Expert – An expert will be local, insured, and have good reviews. They’ll offer a free inspection and help you walk through the insurance claims process making sure you understand what is happening so you feel comfortable.
Schedule Adjuster Meeting – Your insurance company will send an adjuster out to your property to inspect it for damage. At this time you’ll want your expert contractor out there as well to speak on your behalf. A professional storm damage contractor will know exactly how to work with the adjuster to make sure you get the full claim that your property deserves.
Repairs & Replacements – Your property was damaged and a claim was approved. You’ll soon be having work completed on your property. It could be a full roofing, siding, window & gutter project if the damage was large enough. In most cases you’ll only be responsible for your deductible for these repairs and replacements. Be sure to ask your storm damage expert.


MN Wind Damage


St. Michael MN Wind Damage? Free Inspections

If you don’t have an expert in mind feel free to call Stinson Services and get to know us. We enjoy working with new property owners and taking care of the stressful situation of dealing with insurance companies. Our owner Ryan Stinson helps take care of every claim that comes through so you can be sure your property is in good hands.

Call 952.933.4510 for to schedule a free inspection or just sign up online.

Written By Thor Josefson