January 13, 2023

Winter Roof Issues Explained

Winter Roof Issues Explained

, Winter Roof Issues Explained

Snow On Roof

This winter we have experienced a record amount of snow. With nearly 50″ of snow in Minnesota homeowners are experiencing new issues. If the snow isn’t melting quickly, it means that heat from your home isn’t escaping through your attic. The issue is if heat is transferring from your home to your attic you’ll start to develop ice dams.

, Winter Roof Issues Explained

Ice Dams

An ice dam is caused by different heat temperatures on your roof. Warm air can escape into your attic if you don’t have proper insulation and attic air sealing. This means the top of the roof is most often warmer than the bottom, which causes the snow to melt and then refreeze. This process of melting and refreezing snow is what forms the ice dam.

, Winter Roof Issues Explained

Humidity in the Attic

40% to 50% indoor humidity is desirable for health and comfort but keeping winter air that moist is difficult for most homes in Minnesota. If your home is very dry that indicates that too much air is coming indoors. If there is moisture or ice on windows it is likely collecting in wall and attic cavities. Cold air cannot hold much water vapor so the colder the air the drier it is.

Winter Roof Remedies

  1. Adjust your homes humidifier based on the outside temperature. We have put together the ideal humidity levels to set your home at during the winter months. Learn More
  2. Remove snow that is on top of the roof which may be causing ice dams and enhancing the issues inside.
  3. Remove the ice dams for your roof by a qualified company using a steam machine. Click here for more information on ice dams.
  4. Contact an insulation company to look at air sealing and insulation.

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Written By Lauren