May 31, 2017

Ask the Expert: Do You Have Woodpecker Problems?


Question One – Woodpecker Holes in Siding?


Dear Ryan-


I have a rather stubborn woodpecker who has pecked a small hole in my siding. What damage can a woodpecker do besides the actual hole it makes?



Hi Phyllis,


Thank you for reaching out to us about your woodpecker problem. Woodpeckers build nests. They drill holes in surfaces covering the space that would make a good nest site, resembling a cozy home in a hollow tree. Sometimes, the holes they make are small but other times as big as your hand.
Woodpeckers carry a variety of mites, ticks, fleas and other insects, especially woodpecker bugs. Woodpecker bugs are blood-sucking and known to bite humans and pets. Once they make a hole it becomes an open invitation for other animals and suddenly homes are infested by a host of creatures—bats, snakes, or rats.
In their determination to open a hole they cut exterior wires like TV cables and phone lines. The constant pecking by a woodpecker can penetrate plumbing and air duct lines.
In addition, water drips or leaks can make way for rot or even mold of the structural foundation of the home once it gets behind the siding. It’s important to get these Woodpecker holes looked at as soon as possible for either a quick siding repair or replacement.


Thank you,



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Question Two – When to Repair the Siding Damage?


Dear Ryan-


I have a Woodpecker who seems to be constantly knocking at my house. Is there a good time of year to repair the damaged siding caused by the Woodpecker. Is there any specific type of wood they like?


All the Best,



Hi Florence,


Thank you for reaching out to me with your question about Woodpeckers. From February thru June hundreds of homeowners are awakened by a woodpecker drumming outside their homes or have become aware of holes in their siding created by a drilling woodpecker.

This occurs most typically in wood, such as wood siding, shingles, eaves or trim, but woodpeckers can also pound out holes in other housing material. Woodpeckers prefer cedar and redwood siding but they will be happy pecking on any wood material, big or small.

Houses with aluminum or vinyl siding are not typically prone to woodpecker damage. However, if the fascia boards of the house are made of wood, they may sustain damage from woodpeckers drumming on the wood in which case there will be very small holes in clusters at specific points on the fascia boards.


Best of Luck,



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