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Storm Damage Restoration FAQ

Stinson Services is a professional storm damage repair company located in Edina, MN. We provide insight to property owners on their storm damage restoration projects. We will walk you through the insurance claim and project at hand. Storm damage is common in the state of Minnesota. Please read below our list of frequently asked questions or call to speak to an expert for free!

Minnesota Home Insurance Process FAQ

Why does my adjuster say I need several bids?

The insurance company would like you to complete the hard work for them by finding alternate bids for the work at hand. The insurance company’s main purpose is to cut costs. The cheaper you can find work for them, the less they have to pay out on the replacement project.

Do You Have Storm Damage

They cross their fingers that you attempt to be your own general contractor. The insurance is obligated to pay general contractors overhead and profit on a job, but not the property owner. Ultimately, it is much cheaper for them, if you do yourself.

What makes up my home insurance settlement and is it fair?

Your settlement consists of all the components that are damaged and need repairs or replacements.

The most common areas covered by insurance companies are:

a) Roofing Systems – Roofing systems are often damaged by wind and hail storms. We’ll determine if you need a full replacement or just a partial replacement. You also need to include smaller components in the roofing system such as flashing, underlayments, plumber jacks, and permits.

b) Siding Systems – Siding systems are often damaged due to hail and wind storms. Vinyl siding typically cracks, whereas metal siding tends to dimple. Both of these are in need of replacement.

c) Gutter Systems – Gutter systems are often damaged from hail storms and tend to chip and dent metal gutters. This lessens the life span of your gutter.

Minneapolis Exterior Contractor – FAQ

Can I be my own general contractor?

Yes of course! What you’ll need is to dedicate time and effort into the process. Your job will be to find each sub-contractor that will handle the roofing, siding, gutters and etc. that are able to perform your project.

Once your team of subcontractors are ready, you’ll need to coordinate with each team on when and what they’ll need to complete throughout the process. Upon completion of each system you’ll need to get their work inspected by the building inspector. If they fail to complete the inspection you’ll need to call them back to make repairs and finish their project.

Lastly, you’ll want to keep their information with you throughout owning the property in case you experience a leak. You will probably end up contacting each subcontractor to come back for repairs, and they’ll probably tell you that the other guy did that component, leading you in circles and trying to chase someone down to repair the mistake.

However, if you have a professional General Contractor handle the project you will always be able to contact them to take care of the problem.

Why is being your own general contractor hard at times?

a) Trusted Installers – A general contractor has logged many years finding their trusted installers. They have bonded over many years and have gotten rid of any bad installers through the years.

b) Insurance – General Contractors are required to have liability and workers compensation insurance that covers any problems that arise during a project. If you don’t have this insurance then the home insurance company isn’t required to pay overhead and profit on the project.

c) Workmanship Warranty – All General Contractors have workmanship warranties that ensure their clients that the project was completed in a quality manner. Workmanship Warranties are important should a problem arise with a previous project. It will protect you from having to worry about paying for any repairs due to poor work.

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