November 25, 2014

Attic Insulation Installers MN – BPI Certified – Stinson Services, Inc.

Minneapolis – St. Paul Attic Insulation Installers

Stinson Services, Inc. has recently invested time in educating our self on home energy conservation. We recently went through a complete attic insulation training course that involved three main energy companies and the Building Performance Institute.

They provided us with updated information on retro-fitting homes in Minnesota with quality insulation and how to properly air seal leaks. We also learned how to complete the new Minnesota Insulation & Air Sealing Rebate programs that are available throughout Minnesota. We are happy to say we are BPI certified and eligible for the new insulation rebate programs as of Nov 2014!
MN Attic Insulation Installers - BPI Certified

What Does BPI Certified Mean for the Homeowners?

Insulation Rebates! Yes, that is right. Without being BPI certified, a Minneapolis insulation contractor can not offer you the insulation rebate for Center Point, Xcel, or Minnesota Energy Resources.

Quality Insulation Projects! BPI insulation installers are trained properly and required to pass written and field testing before being certified.

Trusted Insulation Contractor! You will feel more comfortable knowing that your home is being worked on by a licensed, insured, and certified insulation team. Fly by night installers are no longer allowed to partake in the rebate programs.



How do MN Insulation Rebates Work?

1. Sign up for a Free Estimate with a certified MN Insulation Contractor.

2. Receive an attic insulation and energy inspection to determine project specifications. Get your Free Estimate that same day!

3. Schedule your insulation project.

4. We perform a pre- and post- blower door test to document required metrics for the insulation rebate.

5. We fill out and file paperwork with your energy provider for up to $500 back on your total project.

*This is a typical insulation project. We work with Xcel, Center Point, and Minnesota Energy Resources. All three have slightly different protocols for rebate program. Rebate numbers will very depending on energy company.


What Insulation Rebates are Available in Minnesota?

Xcel Energy Insulation Rebate MN – 20% of total costs up to $300 max for each account holder. This is for attic air sealing and insulation.
Center Point Energy Insulation Rebate MN – 30% of project costs up to $300 on attic air sealing projects. Up to $500 on air sealing and attic insulation projects.
Minnesota Energy Resources Insulation Rebate MN – 50% of project costs up to $300 on air sealing only. Up to $650 on attic air sealing and attic insulation projects.



Written By Thor Josefson