June 9, 2015

Big Lake Hail Storm June 9 2015 – Becker Hail Storm Damage
Becker Hail Damage Inspections


Hail Storm Damage in Big Lake, Becker & Elk River MN

A hail storm that brought damage to hundreds of homes in the Becker-Big Lake MN area. The hail storm passed through around 8pm on June 9th, 2015 and lasted nearly three minutes. Hail stones reached the size of 1.75 inches in diameter, with winds up to 55 mph.

Large hail stones and heavy winds will always lead to homes being damaged. If your home was damaged due to a hail or wind storm be sure to call a professional storm damage restoration team.

*Don’t allow door knockers and storm chasers to work on your home.

If you’re interested in a free home damage inspection by a local Minnesota remodeling company, call Stinson Services, Inc. We’ve been in business for more than 12 years and offer expert knowledge and great customer service.


Hail Damage & Wind Damage

Do you have hail damage?

Check the following areas for hail damage and wind damage:

1. Metal components of the house. Inspect your gutters, A/C unit, Fascia, and etc.
2. Roofing shingles for granules loss, dents, and bruising.
3. Siding for cracks, chips, and dents.
4. Windows for dents, cracks, and broken components.
5. Roof vents.

Please inspect from the ground, and if you have a see a hint of storm damage, give Stinson Services a call to perform a free hail damage inspection. OR sign up online!

Hail Maps 2015


Becker Hail Storm 2015


Written By Thor Josefson