January 2, 2014

Center Point Minnesota Insulation & Air Sealing Rebate Looks To Extend Into 2014
Ice Dam Prevention

MN Attic Insulation Rebate Program

If you live in Minnesota and your main energy provider happens to be Center Point(CP) Energy then you’re in luck! CP offered a rebate for up to $500 on attic air sealing and insulation jobs in 2013. It appears that they will extend this insulation rebate policy for the year of 2014.

The theory of the energy rebate program is to help stimulate homeowners in to updating their attics’ insulation and ventilation systems. The results of updating your attic insulation is a lower energy bill and a more comfortable home during all four seasons. By upgrading your home’s attic insulation from R30 to R50 and sealing bypasses, you could earn a rebate up to $500 dollars.

Attic air sealing is required to qualify for this rebate, insulation only projects are not rebate-eligible. Most MN attic insulation projects will include the sealing of attic bypasses to ensure you’ll qualify for the attic insulation rebate.

Before you call a licensed and insured attic insulation contractor be sure to sign up for your Home Energy Audit through CP energy. The standard energy audit will satisfy the audit requirement. The standard energy audit costs $100 and includes an in-depth technical analysis of your energy use.

This program provides you with all the services of our Basic Energy Audit, plus three valuable additions:

A blower-door test that uses calibrated fans and pressure gauges to measure and track airflow and determine the general location of air leaks.

An infrared inspection that uses an infrared camera to further pinpoint the location of air leaks and moisture problems. This scan will help you develop solutions to attic bypass air leaks, the elimination of ice dams and reduction of overall conditioned air loss and energy consumption.

A combustion safety test and carbon monoxide (CO) check that measures draft pressure when all exhaust fans are on to determine if flue gasses might spill into the house under similar conditions. CO levels will also be measured, if present.**

Your energy audit will be conveniently billed on your CenterPoint Energy bill after it has taken place.

*For some income levels, there may be no fee for this Audit.
**Tests cannot be performed on all heating systems.


MN Attic Insulation Company

Our company is a licensed and insured Minneapolis insulation contractor approved by Center Point Energy to complete their insulation rebate program.  We are a proud local business located in Hopkins, MN and have been in business for over 10 years. Call or email today with any questions regarding your attic insulation and sealing project.

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Written By Thor Josefson