February 7, 2020

Cold Weather Roofing Safety Tips

Winter may not the most convenient period to fix a roof, but when a roof emergency occurs, it must not be ignored, regardless of the outdoor temperatures. If you are careful and respect snow removal roofing Minneapolis safety tips, roofing in the cold season will work just fine.

roofing MinneapolisYour main concern should be to protect yourself from the weather. Working at height is dangerous even in warm weather conditions, so you definitely need the right equipment to prevent injuring yourself or cause more damage to your roof. You will need protective gear that includes comfortable clothes to keep you warm outside and also allow you to move freely, gloves, hat and even a facemask, if the weather is particularly harsh. Heavy-duty boots with non-slippery soles are also a must.

If you do not respect these requirements, the consequences may be severe. Your body`s temperature may fall below the normal level and you can reach a state of hypothermia. Failing to properly cover your body (especially finger, ears, nose and toes) when working on the roof can also cause frostbite. All of these potential problems as well as failing to use some efficient safety equipment (harnesses, temporary guard rails etc.) can make you a victim of an accident such as falling from the roof.

Before inspecting your roof or attempting to do some form of repairs, you must also ensure that the roof is cleared of snow and ice.


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