July 27, 2019

Common Summer Damage to Roofs

Summer often comes with environmental phenomena that may cause roof damage. Typically, temperatures rise, the sun strikes at its full potential and the risk of thunderstorms increases. It is not the same everywhere, because the climate has variations, but there is no doubt about the fact that the hot season can impact the roof just like any other season, with potentially negative effects.

Common summer damage to roofs includes:

sunshine can cause roof damageSun Damage

The sun is one of the factors that affect a roof, because of its often full and direct exposure. The temperatures at the roof level are very high in the summer and, unless you have a reflective coating or a roof made form materials that do not expand and contract according to temperature variations, there will be consequences in time: roofing materials will degrade prematurely and untreated wood structures will start to fall apart, living the home vulnerable to the elements.

You can reduce the impact of the summer heat on your roof by installing a green roof or ensuring adequate insulation and ventilation. roof repair Minneapolis

  • Water damage

Summer storms can be more or less violent, but they may produce water damage especially if they are accompanied by wind and hail. Schedule experienced roof repair Minneapolis contractors to check the condition of your roof before the summer and after each significant storm to ensure that there is no risk of water infiltration.

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