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  • Attic Ventilation in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area


    (Video – Why intake and exhaust venting is important)

    Attic Ventilation Basics

    Attic ventilation is an important aspect to all Minnesota homes. Proper attic ventilation keeps old moisture air from building up in your attic, causing harm to the home’s structure and your health.

    What components are important to attic ventilation?

    Install Intake Vents – Soffit vents or under-eave vents should be installed to home specifications to provide fresh outdoor air intake to move throughout your attic system.

    Install Exhaust Vents – Ridge vents or static vents should be installed to your homes specifications to allow air to recycle out of your attic.

    Install Vents Chutes – Vent chutes should be installed inside your attic before insulation is added. Vent chutes prevent your intake vents from getting clogged, keeping your ventilation system in working order.

    What's in your attic?


    Minnesota Attic Vent Systems

    What does a well ventilated attic offer?

    Reduced Energy Bills – Lower your heating & cooling costs by making sure your attic is ventilated properly.

    Ice Dam Prevention – Mitigate ice dams by having your attic ventilation installed to specifications.
    Ice dam prevention

    Mold & Mildew Prevention – Breathe clean air and remove mold and mildew from your home by having the proper ventilation in your home.

    Extend Shingle Life – Avoid premature aging of your roofing system when your attic is ventilated according to recommendations.

    Improper Attic Ventilation

    Heat Build Up – During the warm summer months, excess heat then builds up in the attic during the day which results in increased energy costs for cooling your home.

    Moisture Build Up – Moisture produced within the home (bathrooms, kitchens, etc…) will accumulate inside your attic. If this moist air is not exhausted from your attic, it will condense on your interior roof deck harming your roof’s structure.

    Water stains on the ceiling? This is caused by frost that melts from your roof deck. This typically happens during the spring time when temperatures go up.

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