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Heat Tape Vs Heat Cables Ice Dam Solutions

Ice dams in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area can cause many a headache. Some properties have design flaws that limit the insulation within roof systems and there are areas where heat loss occurs on a routine basis. Combine this with a Polar Vortex or two and boom… Ice Dam city now resides at your property.

The good news is we can assist with solving ice dam problems in Minnesota. Heat tapes are our preferred mechanism when proper insulation and ventilation cannot be achieved in a roof.

How Do Ice Dams Form

Our Heat Tape System Benefits

  • Self regulating heat tape has a conductive core that wraps around the two heating element wires. 
  • When the temperature gets cold the core shrinks and brings the heating wires closer together which sends more energy through the elements and melts ice and snow.
  • When warm temperatures exist the core expands and the heating wires are further away, this results in less energy traveling through the wires and less heat being produced.
  • Non destructive installation. The existing roof coverings will not be compromised during the installation of our heat tape system.

Some other food for thought with your heat tape project includes having a readily accessible GFCI outlet close by. The less tape we need to use the less expensive the solution is for your ice dam problem. If there is no outlet present an electrician can wire one in for you. Other factors in the project include height, steepness, accessibility, valley areas, gutters and downspouts. 

Heat tape costs can vary depending on the variables above, a safe estimate of costs is between $20 – $30 per linear foot.

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