March 18, 2019

DIY Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Winters are harsh on all parts of the building, especially on the roof. Fortunately, roof owners can do a lot to relieve their roofs and to help the roof survive the cold months without sustaining damage – here are some tips from a roofing contractor Minneapolis pro:

  • Preparing the roof for the winter stress – the formation of ice dams is especially dangerous for roofs, but luckily, there are various methods to prevent them. Icicles usually form on the edge of the roof, so the easiest technique is to clean the gutters and remove any clogs to allow the gutters to do their job;roofing contractor Minneapolis home repair
  • Fix any leaks when the weather is still dry and not excessively cold – a strengthened roof can withstand freezing winter weather more easily, therefore doing the necessary repairs in time is the best way to have a strong roof during the winter as well;
  • Use your roof rake – roof raking is a great method for removing excessive amounts of snow from the roof, relieving it from the huge burden. Roof rakes can be used standing on the ground, so the method is safe as well as efficient;
  • Fortify the flashing around the chimneys and the skylights – the flashing can get damaged more easily than other, more solid components and it can easily cause leaks, therefore making sure that they are intact and properly adhered is essential for winter roof health.
Written By Tech