February 1, 2020

DIY Winter Roof Maintenance

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Roof maintenance is extremely important in every season but particularly in winter, when there are typically many stressors that the roof has to bear, and the last thing you want, when it is cold outside, is to experience water leaks or other problems.

To prevent such a perspective, you must consider performing some DIY winter roof maintenance, to keep your roof in top shape.

  1. Clear debris

A winter storm can move debris across the roof: twigs, pine needles, dirt and grime – they can accumulate and block important areas such as the gutters and downspouts, as well as maintain a humid environment on the roof. To prevent all these, you must clean your roof before the arrival of the cold season, as well as after each winter storm.

  1. Clean the snow accumulated on the roof

Snow accumulation may be dangerous for a roof, especially if we are talking about large amounts that may become too heavy for the structure. You must remove the snow constantly, using a long and soft broom or a plastic shovel. This way, you also reduce the possibility of ice formation on the roof which would create additional problems requiring assistance from a roofing contractor Minneapolis professional.

  1. Trim the surrounding trees

Make sure that there are no tree branches hanging over your roof. In some cases, large amounts of snow from the branches may end up on the roof, or the branches may break and fall on the roof, which can create a disaster.

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