August 16, 2012

Energy Drips – How To Save Money & Energy In Your Home
Minnesota money saving tips

Minnesota Energy Saving Tips

The world has taken notice to the amount of energy we waste on a yearly basis. Minnesota is one of the tougher parts of the world to live in when it comes to being energy efficienct with the weather getting to -40 degrees F to a blistering 100 degrees F in a given year. Stinson Services has put together a list of things you can do around the house to help save you money and prevent energy from being wasted during the year.

Energy Saving Advice – Minnesota

The video above speaks to those looking for money saving tips inside of their home.

List Of Energy Saving Tips

-Change your light bulbs to CFL light bulbs.
-Plug your electronic devices into a power strip, and use it.
-Program your thermostat to a temperature around 68-72 degrees.
-Air seal your home and get rid of the ice dams on your home. Properly insulate your house.
-Replace your old appliances with new energy efficient ones.

Other Energy Saving Tips

-Instead of turning up themostat, adjust the clothes you wear for the weather at hand.
-Use window blinds to protect direct sun light from entering your home during summer.
-Leave window blinds open when in front of direct sunlight during the winter months.
-Set your homes temperature between 68-72 degrees and leave it there. This will save you energy throughout the year.
-Plastic wrap the windows and doors not used in the winter time.
-Close vents and doors to rooms not in use during long periods of time. No need to heat or cool rooms that nobody uses.
-Make sure cold air intake is closed for your fireplace, if you have one.

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Written By Thor Josefson