September 21, 2016

Hail Storm Hits Inver Grove Heights | September 20 2016
Hail Damage Inspections


Did you know it could hail in September in Minnesota?

Well you’ve guessed it folks… Inver Grove Heights was hit by a hail storm that lasted nearly 5 minutes and sent hail stones just over 1″ in diameter towards unprotected homes, cars and other valuable items you may have laying outdoors. Here’s a free 2016 MN Hail Map that provides the center location of the hail storm.

September 20 2016 – The official report from Minnesota Weather Center claims that a hail storm blew through the area located just north of Inver Hills Community College. A local resident on Twitter was able to record a picture of a hail stone that struck down.


Eagan, MN and Burnsville Hit by Hail Storm Too!

We’re also receiving information that other cities around the area were hit by similar sized hail stones that may have caused damage to their roofing system. Eagan, MN has proof of a hail storm causing damage to a car. This information of the September 20 2016 storm was recorded by Allan and Allison.


If your home was hit by the hail storm

If your home was hit by the recent hail storm we’d highly recommend having one of our certified inspectors out to your property for a Free Hail Damage Inspection to examine your entire roofing system, as well as windows, gutters and siding for any minimal damage that may have occurred during the storm.

A storm insurance claims should be pursued if storm damage is found on your property. WE all pay for home insurance, and WE shouldn’t be afraid to use it when we have damage just because WE’VE never dealt with a claim before.

Stinson Services is a local and reliable storm damage claim expert that will work with you throughout the entire process to make sure ALL damaged components of your property are covered by insurance and the repairs and replacements are handled in a professional manner.

If you have any questions regarding whether to give us a call, check our reviews and testimonials. It’s a free inspection with no strings attached.

Written By Thor Josefson