September 4, 2012

How to Metal Roofing Tips

Metal Roofing – Minneapolis, MN

Metal roofing has became more popular over the last several years as Minnesota homeowners are beginning to see the true benefits of having a metal roof, installed by a Minneapolis metal roofing contractor. Metal roofing consists of heavy duty galvanized steel or a mixture of aluminum and zinc known as Galvalume.

There are several different types of metal roofing and you may need to check with a Minneapolis roofer for the exact, detailed installation instructions. The installation techniques I will describe are for the most common types of metal roofing installed by metal roofing companies around Minnesota.

Metal Roofing Steps – Minneapolis, MN

Make A Roofing Material List: Roofing companies explain that the first step for installing metal roofing is to make a list of all materials you will need. This can be accomplished by Free Estimate or by visiting your local home improvement store.

Prepare The Roofing Surface: Metal roofing companies install high temperature ice and water shield as well as synthetic underlayments to ensure your home remains water tight. Eave flashing can then be installed along the bottom edge of the roof, overlapping the side of the gutter if you have one.

Begin Panel Installation: According to Minneapolis metal roofing contractors, the first panel is the most important. It should be installed with the end overhanging the eave by approximately 3/4″. The panel can be attached, by the homeowner or a Minneapolis roofer, by screwing rows of 1″ self tapping gasket head wood screws through the panel and into the 1×4 strips. The next panel should be installed next to the first one with the edges overlapping the high ridges. Screws should be spaced approximately 10-12″ apart through both panels along the overlapping edge. Minneapolis roofing companies say to continue in this pattern until the entire roof is covered with panels.

Listen to Bob Vila and why metal roofing is becoming ever so popular for homeowners.


Here are some installation tips from Minneapolis metal roofing contractors:

-When installing the first panel, make sure it is square as the following panels will follow that pattern.

-If there is not access to a power metal shear, use a jigsaw with a metal blade and it will cut the panels just fine.

-If the flashing isn’t long enough to cover the entire edge of the roof, cut it into two or more pieces; at each connection point the edge should overlap by at least 2″ and should be sealed with butyl tape sealant.

-Make sure to calculate the snow load for your metal roof. If necessary add a snow retention system at the same time you are installing your metal roof.

-Minneapolis metal roofing contractors recommend always wearing protective gloves, which can prevent cuts and injury from the sharp edges of the metal. If the metal has been cut, the metal edges can be extremely sharp.


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Written By Thor Josefson