October 25, 2012

How To Protect Your Home From Rain Water

How To Protect Your Home From Rain Water

Solutions For Protecting Your Home From Rain Water

Your home is a very important investment in your life. Why not make sure it’s properly protected from hazards such as water? Water can be a very dangerous compound due to the serious havoc it can bring to your home’s foundation, interior structure, and other home goods. Water can cause your home to rot or mold if not protected correctly. Below are a few basic home tips to help prevent your home from taking in rain water.

List Of Water Solutions:

Slope – If your home’s property isn’t properly sloped away from your foundation you should be afraid of potential water damage. Rain tends to move downhill like all liquids and will seep into your foundation causing potential rot/mold damage if enough water is in contact with your home. To protect against leaking water make sure your home’s land slopes away from your foundation. You’ll want to start the slope at least 10 feet away from the home and have a slope set at 12 inches over that 10 foot distance. This will help any standing water run away from your home.


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Gutters and Downspouts – Installing gutters to your home is a great idea to help control and transport rain water to a specific area that is constructed for water intake. Gutters are a cheap way to provide a drainage system to protect your home from unwanted water. You can hire a professional to install gutters or do it yourself if you’re handy. Downspouts are connected to the gutters and dump the water away from the foundation to keep your home dry and safe from water damage.


For more information on installing gutters: Minneapolis Professional Gutter Installers


Written By Thor Josefson