August 4, 2019

How to Stay Organized During a Roof Replacement

Stinson MinneapolisReplacing the roof is not as complicated as it sounds, but it’s a complex process that requires staying organized, and this is not really possible unless you respect all the stages of the roof replacement.

Getting the building permit – Once hired for the job, your Stinson Minneapolis roofing pros will secure a permit. Without this, the work cannot be completed.

Removing the old roof – This stage involves dismantling all the elements that make up the roof, from gutters and shingles to small accessories. Dismantling a roof differs depending on the type of the roof and the materials it is made form.  Everything must be sorted, because most materials and accessories can be reused or recycled.

Replacing damaged support elements and installing the waterproof membrane – Replacement of structural elements is necessary only if the roof is old and unstable or if you want to install a heavier coat (slate, ceramic tiles etc.).

Installing the new roof with all the sub-stages (choosing the type of materials, pluvial system and other accessories)

Cleaning, inspection and maintenance tips – After completion of the roof replacement project, the responsible team will remove all remaining debris. Then, a final inspection will be carried out to verify the new roof. Finally, the owner receives all the information necessary for adequate maintenance, as well as recommendations on performing annual inspections.



Written By RCM