February 1, 2011

Ice Dam Removal

Minnesota has experienced significant amounts of snow during the winter. As a result, many Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota homeowners have discovered severe ice dams on their homes. Ice dams are formed on cold days when heat escapes from the interior of the home into the attic. This heat loss melts the snow that has accumulated on the roof and then causes it to freeze on the edges of the roof. Minnesota property owners discover ice dam damage on the interior of their homes as this water pools behind the ice dam on the edge of the roof and seeps into the ceiling or exterior walls. Sometimes you will even notice ice dripping from the soffits as a result of a significant ice dam. If you are a Minneapolis, St. Paul Minnesota property owner who has discovered an ice dam and is looking for the correct way to remove the ice dam and take preventative action you are in the right place.

Stinson Services is a licensed and insured general building contractor that specializes in exterior remodeling. We have removed and prevented  ice dams for many Minnesota winters. Schedule a no obligation free estimate today to have your ice dam analyzed and removed within 7 days.

Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota Ice Dam Removal

We use high pressure heated water to remove ice dams from Minnesota properties. In addition we offer snow removal services for Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area property owners. Getting the ice dam removed is not the cure though, we will analyze your current Minneapolis insulation contractor and ventilation system and offer professional ice dam prevention strategies to help reduce the risk of ice dams forming in the future.

Written By Tech