September 18, 2014

How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

MN Home Repairs & DIY Tips

How to install new cabinet hardware – Quick & Easy
What tools do you need?

– Power drill with drill bit (cordless)

– Tape Measure or Ruler

– Pencil

– Screw Driver

– Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

MN Home Repairs Step by Step Process

1. – Locate Spot for Hardware – Use a measuring tape or ruler to find the location of your hardware. Then mark with pencil on the front of the cabinet.

2. – Drill Hole(s) – Use power drill to carefully make a hole for each marked spot. You’ll want to drill from the front of the cabinet. Be sure to drill straight through the cabinet.

3. – Install New Hardware – Use your hands to start installing your new cabinet hardware. You’ll finish tightening the hardware with a screw driver until snug.



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Written By Thor Josefson