October 18, 2012

Leaf Solution – Is this gutter guard right for you?

Q&A for your Minneapolis, MN Gutter System


About Leaf Solution

Leaf Solution has been manufactured since 2002 and since that have sold millions and millions of feet of Leaf Solution Gutter Guard. Their claim to fame is after six years of service to America, they are still the only Accredited business with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Their Leaf Solution product is able to take on heavy amounts of water, while still preventing anything as small as a piece of sand from entering your gutters.

Is Leaf Solution Maintenance Free?

Leaf Solution claims that no gutter guard is maintenance free. If another company tells you that the gutter guard is maintenance free they are lying. They claim that Leaf Solution will keep your gutters free of crud and debris but may need some basic maintenance for debris that might stick to the gutter guard surface. They strongly believe that most systems don’t require maintenance because the wind will clean off most home’s debris.

What Sizes Are Available?

Leaf Solution is available for both 5″and 6″ gutters.

Can I Install Leaf Solution Myself?

Leaf Solution will need to be installed by a authorized dealer of the leaf solution gutter guard. This is to assure that the gutters are in 100% working order when the job is completed. Only a authorized dealer can make sure that water is taken by the gutters and not being overshot on impact.

Other Products Use Stainless Steel Mesh. What Is The Difference?

Well, Leaf Solution is the pioneer of the industry. They claim that their three downward dips are the key reason to success. The three dips cause the water to slow down and create a siphoning effect to take in large amounts of water.


Minneapolis, MN Gutter Contractor

Stinson Services is a authorized dealer of Leaf Solution gutter guard and recommends their product to the fullest degree when it comes to keeping the gunk out of your gutters. Leaf Solution prevents clogged gutters that can lead to much bigger problems such as mold in your attic, insect infestation, animal nests, cracked foundations, basement water damage, siding & interior wall damage, and landscaping erosion.

Stinson Services is a licensed Minneapolis Gutter Contractor that can help you install Leaf Solution on your home. We offer complete gutter inspections and Free Estimate to all of our customers. Please feel free to contact Stinson Services to ask questions about your gutters or any other home repair or remodeling you’re unsure of no matter how big or small the project.

Written By Thor Josefson