September 6, 2012

Maintaining Your Windows – Quick Fixes Around The House
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Basic Home Tips: Sliding Windows Sticking???

Here’s how to fix your sliding windows:

Below is an easy step-by-step process in maintaining your sliding windows and preventing any build up of debris from causing major damage to “the eyes of your home”. This process can take up to 10 minutes per window but is well worth the energy if you hate sticky windows and air leaking into your home during the times of extreme weather.

Tools Required:

Putty Knife
Pipe Cleaner
Mallet and soft block of wood
Non-abrasive cloth, soap, water
Safety glasses

Window Cleaning Steps Required:

1. Slide the sash of the window open. On the top you’ll notice a few tabs.Remove sash, make sure sash is clear of last tab and the lock is not touching the jamb.

2. Lift up on bottom of sash. Pull out and down to remove sash.

3. Use putty knife to lift up and remove the track.

4. Use non-abrasive cloth, soap and water to clean the inside of the track.

5. Now replace track back into slot. Slide track into groove, sloping it away from you. Then press it down. The track still needs to be snapped into place.

6. Use soft block of wood and mallet. Place block of wood at an angle and tap the block along the length of the track to snap in back into place.

7. Install sash from the top, and slide it in from the bottom.

8. Next you’ll need to access your window from the outside. Take off the weep-hole with the putty knife. Use pipe cleaner to clean out any debris.

9. Place the weep-hole cover back into the weep-hole.

More Information On Your Windows:

Cleaning your window’s interior structure is a great way to save some money in the long run by preventing damage. Performing this task once a year can save you lots of money and  future headaches with your window replacement problems.

If you are in need of any guidance or help with your windows, feel free to contact a window specialist. If cracks, rot, chips, rust, or regular wear and tear seem to be causing your windows problems, consult with a true professional window replacement contractor to help you take care of any questions you have about your windows.

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Written By Thor Josefson