June 28, 2012

Minneapolis Curb Appeal Projects – ROI

Your Minneapolis Home Projects

Curb appeal projects for your home can take place both inside and outside. They are the types of projects that can be done with little money and have a high ROI if done correctly. We’ve already gone through the process of maintaining your home’s structure, adding bedrooms and bathrooms to your home, and now we’ll talk about adding some curb appeal.

When adding curb appeal to your Minneapolis home, you’ll want to think like a real estate investor. You’ll want to think of home improvements that can be done on cheap side and will spruce up your home’s overall appearance. Most of these projects can be done fairly quickly, and don’t require too much handy work so you should be able to handle them yourself.

Here are a few things you can do to help your home’s curb appeal:

Landscaping: Adding color and curves to your property can give your home an extra edge when looking to sell your home. Planting some nice trees or adding some flowers can make your home stand out from neighboring homes in the area. Minneapolis properties normally offer good soil for these types of home improvements. Also, if your grass is full of weeds or brown. One of the best ideas is to either till up your lawn and start over, or lay new fresh sod down. The impact of freshly grown green grass is enormous, and can gain the attention of any potential buyers.

Windows: Your home’s windows are the eyes to the outside world. Having dusty or dirty windows is a big turn off for most home buyers, and gives the appearance of an unkempt home.

Paint: Adding new paint to a front door or to window sills can make a home jump out at a potential buyer. Set your home apart from everyone else’s with a fresh new looking entryway door. Doors are easy to paint, so you can do it yourself too!

Cleaning up the Clutter: If you’ve lived in your home for awhile you may have gathered a lot of unnecessary items that may clog up the environment of the home. Try looking over your home and analyzing what space is being over taken by clutter. Either get rid of these items or put them in storage for the time being. This will allow your potential buyer see the space available in your home, giving them a chance to imagine their dream home.

Lighting: Bathrooms and Kitchens need to be bright and full of energy. Make sure to have new bulbs in each room. You can also spruce up your bathroom by adding new toilet seats and making sure faucets are shiny clean.

So when you’re giving your Minneapolis home a facelift, remember to think of what you’d look for when buying a home. When first searching you’re interested in how beautiful the home looks from the outside. Aka lawn maintenance… this grabs your attention. Once you get inside the home you start to look for space and layouts, and how you plan to make this home yours. So freshen up your home and you should see that ROI.

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Written By Thor Josefson