August 7, 2013

Minneapolis Hail Damage Repair Project

Storm Damage Repair Contractors Minnesota MNSummer is here and so is the storm season. A powerful storm passed through the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area August, 2013 that caused widespread damage to cars, homes, roads and landscaping. I wanted to take a minute to focus on our storm damage restoration services for Minnesota property owners. The project I am highlighting involved a tree falling onto a residence in St. Anthony MN as a result of this powerful storm.

Unfortunately, for our client they had just closed on the home and being first time homeowners they had many questions regarding this unique predicament. After the homeowner contacted Stinson Services we immediately sent a crew out to the property to assess the situation. The tree had fallen on the main power line that provided service to our clients residence. Due to the unique circumstances the tree needed to be cut away by the utility company, once it was removed from the power line our crew cut up the debris and hauled it away for disposal. At this time we also provided a temporary roof repair which included placing a tarp on the roof and ensuring it would be watertight until the insurance adjuster arrived.

The client contacted their insurance company and we met with the adjuster to discuss the damage on the property. During this meeting we clarified the scope of work with the adjuster and had them take a sample shingle for identification purposes so we could repair the damaged sections of the roof. Within a few days the adjuster notified us that the shingle had been discontinued so they covered full replacement of the entire roof. This process involved additional time and resources but in the end the client received the coverage they deserved for the damages to their property.

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Written By RCM