June 6, 2014

Asphalt Roofing vs. Steel Roofing | Minnesota Roofing

If you are a homeowner and you are looking to repair or upgrade your roof, then there is a lot you need to consider. Whether you are repairing an existing roof or installing a new one, the type of roofing material, installation procedure, efficiency, and cost are all important considerations. Two of the most common roofing materials used are asphalt roofing and steel roofing. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of each.

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Asphalt Roofing | Minnesota Roofing

As mentioned above, asphalt roofing is one of the most popular and commonly-used roofing material for homeowners. This is because its appearance is appealing and the upfront costs are typically lower than steel roofing, and are typically guaranteed between ten and twenty-five years. Asphalt roofing is also relatively easy to replace, in the event of breaking, cracking, or molding. In fact, many homeowners keep a small supply of extra asphalt shingles in a supply closet or shed to replace any that may break, deteriorate, or come loose at any time.

Some of the disadvantages to asphalt roofing, however, are that asphalt shingles do cut, split, break, deteriorate, and mold, depending on the location of your home, as well as its position in the shade or sun. Homes that are located on shady property tend to experience mold growth on their roofs easily and more quickly than sunnier spots. Asphalt roofs are also subject to damage during storms, wind, and fires.

In addition, next to metal roofing, a disadvantage to asphalt roofing is that it may only last between ten and twenty years. So while asphalt roofing requires little or lower upfront costs, it is also the most expensive roof over time, as it may require repairs and re-installation more frequently.

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Steel Roofing | Minnesota Roofing

Steel roofing is another popular, but slightly less common roofing material. However, it has been gaining the market over the past several years. Some advantages to steel roofing are that they last a lot longer, they are incredibly efficient in terms of heating and energy costs, they are generally a good “green” option as they are made from recyclable material, they are resistant in any climate, it adds resale value to any home, and can even come along with homeowner’s insurance discounts. However, make sure to read between the lines with the insurance discounts as insurance companies can be tricky.

By far the biggest disadvantage to steel roofing is its upfront costs. Although a metal roof will last longer and is guaranteed for a longer time period (50 years up to a lifetime!), it can be incredibly costly to install from scratch. Depending on preference, some homeowners may not think that metal roofing is as appealing or attractive as asphalt roofing. The installation process is not as fast as asphalt and requires a bit more skilled labor.

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All in all, installing a new roof with new roofing materials is a big decision for any homeowner. While asphalt roofing and steel roofing are two of the most common and popular roofing types, there are clear advantages and disadvantages between them that are important for every homeowner to consider prior to making an informed decision. The biggest differences between the two are cost. A homeowner would need to decide what is a better long term energy efficient and financial solution. The would also need to consider how long they are living in the home. Enjoy the summer!

Written By Thor Josefson