April 15, 2014

Minnesota Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Home Improvements

I’m prepared to say, “It’s Spring Time!”.  The weather has warmed up and the snow has almost disappeared from our yards. It’s the time of year where homeowners get down and dirty by throwing out old dusty appliances, furniture, and etc and start organizing their homes. Homeowners are also upgrading their homes with DIY projects and improving their homes slight imperfections that aren’t up to snuff. Be sure to reach out to us for any gutter projects this month to receive a great price and free gutter protection.

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning is a refreshing adventure that gets rid of the bad and brings in the good. Whether that be dusting your kitchen, getting rid of old clothing, or replacing your old furniture. Homeowners are excited for a new start to the summer. Why not start early this year!

Here’s a great spring cleaning check list that you can use this spring shared from Studio 5:

It’s Grandma’s Spring Cleaning List

Spring Cleaning Check List

Written By Thor Josefson