August 22, 2018

5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When They Are Hit By A Hailstorm

5 mistakes


What do we think we know about hail? And what do we actually know about hail? Below are the top 5 mistakes homeowners make when they are hit by a hailstorm. This article is going to clarify these mistakes and explain the truth about hail. Hail is precipitation in the form of small balls or lumps usually consisting of concentric layers of clear ice and compact snow.

Mistake 1

My premiums will go up if I file a claim.

   Remedy: The answer is quite simply usually they will not go up. If you file too many claims in a given time your premium will go up. It varies by  insurance company. A safe rule of thumb is is 2 claims in 1 year. Minimizing the number of claims you file is the key to protecting your insurance rates from a substantial increase. A good rule to follow is to only file a claim in the event of catastrophic loss. If your car gets a dent on the bumper or a few shingles blow off of the roof on your house, you may be better off if you take care of the expense on your own. Bottom line, if a storm comes through your area insurance rates will rise to cover the cost for the insurance company. To avoid unfair rate hikes and unpleasant financial surprises, do your homework and learn about your particular insurer’s policies and industry practices long before you ever need to file a claim.


Mistake 2

If someone didn’t see hail, it didn’t happen.

   Remedy: You may have been away from your property when it hailed. Walk around the property, are there hailstones covering the yard, sidewalk and patios? Are there signs of roof damage such as missing or torn shingles, dings on the air conditioning units, external light fixtures, window trim, screens and soft metal downspouts? If the answer is yes, your property has experienced hail.


Mistake 3

Letting an insurance denial stop you from getting a second opinion.

   Remedy: Don’t rush to file a claim. Have a knowledgeable contractor come out and give you a free storm damage consultation. They should walk the property and inspect it fully for signs of damage. They will check vents, gutters, downspouts, window wraps, window screens, window frames, siding, patio furniture, deck (if applicable), air conditioner, and gas meter. If dents or dings are present then there is likely damage on the roof as well. They will walk your roof making chalk circles everywhere hail has hit. Most insurance companies want to see 5-10 hail hits in a 10’x10’ area. If you meet these criteria, you are are more likely to get your job covered.


Mistake 4

My own inspection is good enough.

  Remedy: From the ground you can’t get a full view of the area. Furthermore, it is hard to take note of all of the damage unless you are a trained professional. These are the damage a professional will take note of:

-Torn or bent shingles. (asphalt shingles)

-Check the ridge cap for dents. (asphalt shingles)

-Loss of granules, which may expose the roof felt. (asphalt shingles)

-Asphalt and/or mat that appears shiny. (asphalt shingles)

-Hail hits that are soft to the touch, like the bruise on an apple. (asphalt shingles)

-A split in the shingle that is brown/orange in color. (cedar shingles)

-A split in the shingle that has sharp corners and edges. (cedar shingles)

-A split in the shingle that has little to no deterioration at the edges. (cedar shingles)

-Impact marks or dents along the splits. (cedar shingles)


Mistake 5

Calling an insurance contractor before doing your homework.

  Remedy: Laying the groundwork of who is a good contractor and who might not be is well worth the effort. Check to see if they are local. Will they be around to do any needed repairs, if they arise? Are they licensed and insured? How are their reviews? Do they have many reviews? How long have they been in business? What kind of workmanship warranty do they offer? Do they stand behind their work? How quickly will your questions be addressed? These are all important questions to find the answers to.

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