October 27, 2016

Roofing Service – Asphalt vs Steel Roofing
asphalt vs metal roofing mn

Making any improvements or adjustments to a roof is a big project. There are a number of factors to consider, such as cost, materials, and the roofing contractor you should work with for your home’s roofing project. Regardless of whether you are repairing an existing roof or installing a brand new one, the type of roofing material you select is important, and can make a difference in terms of cost, process, and a roofing service.
In order to help our readers break down the process a bit, we are going to compare two of the most common types of roofing materials: asphalt and steel.
Read on to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you to determine which option is best for residential roof repair.

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Asphalt Roofing

PROS: Asphalt roofing is one of the most popular and commonly-used roofing material for home and property owners. Asphalt roofing is so popular because of its attractive appearance, availability, and the upfront installation costs are typically lower than other types of roofs, such as steel. Asphalt roofs can also last between ten and twenty years, depending on the climate, location, and how well a homeowner maintains and cares for the roof.
Another pro in favor of asphalt roofing is that it is relatively easy to replace. Asphalt shingles can sometimes break, crack, fall apart or even mold. Therefore, if you are a homeowner and have an asphalt roof, it can be handy to keep an extra supply of shingles in the event you need to make a replacement or two.
CONS: Although asphalt shingles are easy to replace, making it an advantage, it can also be considered a disadvantage. Asphalt shingles can break off and deteriorate. However, the amount shingles break off or become loose or chip can have a lot to do with the location of the home or building as well as its position in the shade or sun.
For example, homes that are located on properties or land with a great deal of shade tend to experience more mold growth, requiring more repairs than in sunnier spots.
Finally, although an asphalt roof has lower upfront costs, the roof’s life expectancy is only between ten to twenty years, which could be a disadvantage compared with a metal roof and the amount of money required upfront, including the repairs that may be necessary over time.

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Steel Roofing

PROS: Although there was a time when steel roofs were less common and popular, they are quickly becoming more common today. This is because many home and property owners are recognizing their value.
For example, some advantages to a metal roof include longevity – lasting up to 50 years! – efficiency, fire-resistant and climate-resistant. Metal roofing contractors can explain why metal roofs also add significant resale value to any home, and may even lead to homeowners’ insurance discounts, depending on the insurance company, of course.
CONS: Although there are more advantages to steel roofing than asphalt roofing, the biggest disadvantage is the upfront costs, which can be pretty hefty for new installations. However, steel roofs has a higher return on investment compared with asphalt roofing, and require little repairs over its lifetime.
All in all, a new roof installation with brand new materials is a huge decision for any home or property owner. Each roofing project has its own story and will tell you what product might be your best option when choosing a roofing material.
If you have questions about metal roofing compared to asphalt roofing, and what might work better for your project give us a call at 952.933.4510. We’d love to help you understand why one roofing system may work better than the other.

Written By Thor Josefson