March 23, 2019

Top Cold Weather Roof Materials for Commercial Building

roofing companies in MinneapolisCold climates are usually characterized not only by freezing temperatures and the resulting high energy bills that many property owners find difficult to face, but with damaging storms and large amounts of precipitation as well. One of the ways to make the cold months easier to endure for commercial building owners in these regions is to have the right roofing on the facility – a well-chosen material will stand up to all the challenges posed by the weather and can reduce energy bills as well. Here are some of the best picks by roofing companies in Minneapolis:

  • Metal roofs – the smooth surface of the metal panels makes it harder for snow and ice to stick, therefore metal roofs are less prone to the damage caused by snow build-ups and ice dams. With proper insulation and installation, metal roofs can also minimize thermal exchange between the building interior and the exterior, thus helping owners keep energy bills at bay;
  • Modified bitumen rubber – the special composition of the rubber in these sheets guarantees that the roof can withstand the weight of the snow and the material will not shrink over time;
  • Built-up material – built-up roofs consist of alternated layers of tar and gravel and provide outstanding resistance to weight and to wide temperature variations, while also being very affordable.
Written By Tech